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Tips For Treating General Clothing Stains

Deluxe Cleaners, Dry Clean Birmingham, Stain Removal tipsRemoving tough stains can feel as difficult as a really involved algebra equation.  Once you have actually determined the type of stain that you are dealing with, the fabric requirements and color scheme, the actual stain removal process can feel impossible.  These 10 basic rules for getting stains out will help you to keep your clothes in phenomenal condition.

1.  Take Immediate Action
Addressing stains while they are still fresh help to make removing them much easier.  Take control by addressing stains as quickly after they occur as is possible.  If you have stained a fabric that is non-machine washable, they should be taken to the dry cleaners right away.  You should inform the dry cleaners about the stain and detail how the stain occurred.

2.  Adhere To Instructions

If you are using a stain removal product, make certain to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.  You should also follow the directions on the actual articles as well.

3.  Conduct Hidden Tests

Never simply slather a stain removal product on your clothes.  Instead, test a small amount on a hidden area of the garment before using it to make certain that no color change occur.

4.  Perform Stain Removal From The Back

Lay the item on top of a clean cloth while upside down.  The cloth should be white.  The stain treatment should be applied to the back of the stain.

5.  Use Care With Dry Cleaning Solvents

Garments that have been treated with dry cleaning solvents should be thoroughly rinsed and air dried.  These can create a fire hazard when place in washing machines.  These solvents should never be added directly to washing machines.

6.  Avoid Bleaching Out Color

If you only bleach the stain, this can cause uneven coloration.  Use instead, the appropriate bleaching solution as per the garment instructions.

7.  Avoid Mixing Products

If you mix different products you risk the release of toxic fumes and may obtain undesirable results on your clothing.

8.  Wash Items That Have Been Stain Treated

The articles that you have treated with stain removal solutions should be thoroughly washed.

9.  Practice Patience

Some stains will take time to remove and you may even have to perform repeat treatments.  Check each garment carefully before drying them in order to avoid allowing the stain to set before retreating.

10.  Accept That Some Stains Are Permanent

There are simply some stains that cannot be removed, regardless of the removal method that is employed.  Using the other nine above-mentioned steps, however, can help to keep this process simple and effective.

Don’t hesitate to call us or bring your stained clothing in for a professional opinion. We’ve saved many clothes from the graveyard and would be happy to assist you in any way we can!

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