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Tips for Buying a New Washer and Dryer Set

Energy Star Appliances - Deluxe Cleaners - Birmingham, ALMost American families wash over 400 loads of laundry, making an energy efficient washer and dryer an important purchase decision.

Saving With Energy Star

You can save money over the long term by buying a washer that is Energy Star certified. In fact, you can potentially save enough money over the lifetime of the washer, to pay for the dryer.

You could fill up three average sized swimming pools with the water that you save, and can save an average of $135 per year on your power and water bills.

Dryers are not eligible for the Energy Star designation, as most dryers use the same amount of energy.

You can expect to spend around $1530 to operate your clothes dryer during the time that you own it. Drying your clothes on a rack or a line, or bringing your clothes to a dry cleaner can help to eliminate home energy costs.


TIP: Your dryer can use up to 30 percent more energy simply because the lint trap is dirty, making it essential to clean your lint trap out after use.


Costs To Consider

Consider the following costs if you are shopping around for an energy efficient dryer and washer.

In addition to the actual cost of the machine, consider how much it will cost you each year to run the machine.

The yellow energy guide label on the washer will give you an idea of lifetime costs, and this information can help you determine which models are more efficient. The label is not required on dryers.


TIP: This Energy Star search form can help you find special offers and rebates on energy efficient washers in your area; simply enter your zip code.


Washer Type and Size

Buying the correct size washer is a big step towards saving energy. A small stackable model is ideal for someone living alone, although not for a large family.

Top loading washers use more energy and water, although they do cost less. A front loading washer costs more, but will save you money in energy costs, largely because you can wash more in a single load.

A dryer does not need to work so hard if clothes have been washed in a front load washer.

Energy Star produces this convenient comparison chart showing the energy efficiency of different models, and a model with a sensor is recommended, as this shuts the machine off when clothes are dry.


TIP: When shopping for machines, make sure you know whether your washer and dryer room is hooked up for electricity or gas.

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