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How to Properly Store Seasonal Clothes

Deluxe Cleaners Birmingham - Once it begins to warm up, it is time to pack your winter clothes away. Most of us simply toss our coats, sweaters and gloves in a box, on a shelf, or in the spare bedroom until they are used again next year. However, there is a right way to store clothes, and the following tips will ensure your clothes are ready to be worn next winter:

1.   Dirt and other items left on your clothes when you put them in storage can stain them, especially after several months. Always clean or dry clean your winter/summer clothes prior to storing, and another advantage of cleaning your clothes is that they are less likely to attract insects.

2.    Although you can use plastic containers to store your clothes in, any bugs or larvae left in clothing will be more of a problem. New and clean cardboard boxes are a better storage solution, and even better are suitcases that have been cleaned thoroughly. Use acid free tissue to line the containers.

3.   Mothballs can be useful, although you should be careful that small children and pets do not eat them. Cedar lined storage, or cedar blocks are both perhaps a safer option than mothballs, although ultimately, whether you use cedar or mothballs, there is no way to completely guarantee their effectiveness.

4.   If they are left hanging for several months, sweaters and other items can become misshapen. A better idea is to fold and stack them in your containers, with the heaviest items at the bottom, a technique which allows air to circulate.

5.   Use the extra hanging loops, if you do hang clothes, to minimize the chances of misshapen clothes. Allow clothing to breathe, by wrapping in fabric, rather than plastic bags. If your clothes have room to breathe, they are less likely to become creased and wrinkled, and there is less chance of mold and mildew.

6.   An ideal storage area for clothing should be cool, clean, dry and dark, and the ideal area is not too close to a source of heat or damp. A dark area will keep your clothing cool and can prevent fading. Wherever you store clothes, always clean the area beforehand.


Stop by one of our many Birmingham locations to have one of our professional cleaners guide you on proper storage of your favorite seasonal clothing.

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