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Five Lessons Learned From Doing The Laundry

Tips from the Dry CleanerHow often do you wish there were more than twenty-four hours in a day.

The good news is that even though you may not see it at the moment, there are many ways to organize, and create higher levels of productivity from daily chores around the house. Deluxe Cleaners in Birmingham believes that laundry, often a considered a hefty chore, can be simplified and prioritized with a few simple steps.

1. Wrinkles should always be avoided.
Getting the clothes out of the dryer as quickly as possible can eliminate the need for ironing them which will save the person involved huge amounts of time in the course of their day. When bringing your dry cleaning to Deluxe Cleaners, you’ll never have to worry about ironing your clothes, saving you hours each month.

2. Invisible stains should be pretreated.
Any spots that are discovered should never be left for later and avoided. Dealing with stains directly as they happen will reduce stress and frustration later on when they have ruined the garment. The truth is that trying to take the easy way around these matters will inevitably cause greater issues down the road. If you don’t feel comfortable dealing with a particular stain, let your professional dry cleaner take care of it. Many times, we’re able to save an otherwise ruined garment, so don’t play the guessing game at home!

3. Don’t be afraid to say no.
In many families, the person who has taken on  laundry duties receives a number of different requests and directions. Many times these issues totally interfere with the process and place demands upon the person performing the task that are truly difficult and slow the entire process down. We all have special care and delicate clothing items, and many time they can’t be avoided as part of our ensemble. Make an effort to identify what type of laundry new clothing purchases will create for you.  One must gather the strength necessary to at times just say no if it will create extra loads of laundry r special hand-washing techniques.

4. Separate systematically
Mistakes are going to happen because there is always a sock hidden in a pair of pants, but one must make every effort possible to separate colors from whites. This effort will save much aggravation further down the road and simplify the laundry process.

5. Get prepared for success.
Making the decision to pull certain garments from the wash and take them to the dry cleaners. Dry cleaning can extend the life of a garment and if acted upon quickly, and can remove stains from important suits and business attire.

Hopefully some of these ideas help save you even just a few minutes of precious time and inspire you to not put things off until later, especially when it comes to your clothes. Deluxe Cleaners can help you take a load off and professionally clean and restore items so they’ll live longer, happy lives. For even more convenience, we’ll even pick up and drop off your dry cleaning  for free! Feel free to leave any tips in the comments below that you may have picked up along the way.

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