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Beware the Invisible Stain!

Have you ever discovered a new stain on your clothes after you have picked them up from your local dry cleaner? In almost every case, you’ve become the victim of an invisible stain. So we’re here to help clear up any questions and explain how the new stain on your favorite clothing item magically appeared after visiting your dry cleaner.

What is the cause of an invisible stain?

We’ve all spilled soda, salsa, sauce or some type of food item on our clothes at some point in time.  We try to scrub it out with water or a detergent pen, let it sit, the stain will normally dry after a few moments, and disappears after it dries. You’re relieved and think you’re a stain-fighting super hero!

We hate to burst your bubble, but unfortunately, the stain is still there, hidden deep in the fabric – it has become invisible, only to reappear when you least expect.

What’s the deal? How do stains come and go?

The secret is heat. Heat is notorious for making sugar stains caramelize and oil stains oxidize and will turn your invisible stain into a noticeable eyesore almost instantly. Once the stained garment is ironed or placed in the dryer or under the iron, the stain you thought you had taken care of immediately comes back to the surface!

How can I eliminate this type of stain?

It’s very difficult to remove these stubborn stains after they are formed, but not impossible. As usual, you should address the stain immediately once a spill takes place and bring the garment to your dry cleaner’s attention as soon as possible. A trained professional at Deluxe Cleaners will be able to help you save your garment!

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